New GotSoccer Clients:

The registrar tab is for creating and printing official rosters and ID cards for teams. Before you can do this you will have to create a REGISTRATION EVENT which is a vehicle to get your teams from under your CLUB tab to under your REGISTRAR tab. If you do not have a registrar tab and your state uses us for registration you will need to contact your state office to see if you are allowed permission to the tab. If not them your state will be creating a registration event in their account that you will register your teams with and you will need to get instructions on how they are going to handle this from your state registrar and not GotSoccer as we are just the software company and your state is in charge of how things will run. 

To the LEFT under REGISTRAR SUPPORT there are links that break down each part of the manual. You can click on the links or download the entire manual below. You can also click on the link below to watch a demo of the full registrar tab. 

Click the link below to download the Registrar's Manual. Please review this document before calling GotSoccer as it will answer most of your questions.