If your state uses GotSoccer for state registrations, everyone will have a free GotSoccer Club account setup for them by the state. We call the free account the CLUB BASIC account. With this account you will be able to upload players, coaches, managers and teams into the system, manage your data and register your teams with any leagues or tournaments that use our system free of charge. This is also the account that you will use to report your registrations to your state. You will also be able to print player passes and official rosters under the REGISTRAR tab (if your state allows you to) free of charge with the CLUB BASIC account. However you will not have any communication abilities nor access to the website tab to build email templates and the auto team builder function.

There are detailed manuals and videos for specific tasks on the Club Basic pages.

Those clubs who wish to have their players register online and except payment from these players online can upgrade their account to the CLUB EXTENDED version. This version will have a fee attached to it. Our highly competitive pricing is a per player per year NOT per registration fee. So if you have a player register for several different programs throughout the year we only charge you once for that player. Tryout registrations are free.

With the CLUB EXTENDED account you also get the ability to not only send emails but also text message blasts to your whole association, specific teams or specific players, coaches and managers. You will also have the ability to send messages through our billing system to those who might have an outstanding debt with you.

When you sign up for the CLUB EXTENDED package you will also have free use of our league scheduling and referee assigning software. The league scheduling software charges are normally $5 per scheduled team for in-house recreational leagues, so this is a great savings. With the league scheduling software also comes the referee assigning software at no cost where the assignor can assign referee's to games that are scheduled.

And the biggest benefit to using GotSoccer for online registration is that the players will go directly into the system to see, so there wont be any need for you to export them out of another system and import them into GotSoccer for reporting to the state.

If you are new to GotSoccer and want to utilize the online registration system you will need to contact our main office to have it turned on.

GotSoccer main number: 904-746-4446 or Contact Us via Email

If you need support information on the CLUB BASIC account, please click on the CLUB BASIC link under CLUB SUPPORT.

If you need support information on the CLUB EXTENDED account please click on the CLUB EXTENDED link under CLUB SUPPORT.