• Support Personnel for the state of Kansas: 

  • David Chalstrom - 904-685-1735
  • Bill Cameron - 904-685-1735

There are both instruction manuals and videos available on this page. Scroll down to the Videos for Speciific Task section

Kansas Youth Soccer Seminar PowerPoint Presentation:

The PowerPoint covers:
  • Access to GotSoccer
  • Adding players
  • Creating teams
  • Overview of risk management
  • registering, Passes and rosters

Club Basic Account:

The Club Basic account allows administrators to:
  • Upload or enter player data
  • Create Teams
  • Add players to teams
  • Enter teams into leagues and tournaments
  • create coach and official accounts

Club / League Extended Account:

The Club Extended account allows administrators to:
  • Online registration for players, coaches and officials
  • Upload or enter player data
  • create teams
  • add players to teams
  • Enter teams into leagues and tournaments
  • Create coach and team official accounts
  • Email players, coaches and officials

Club / League Risk Management instructions:

The Club account allows administrators to:
  • Create profiles for, coaches and team officials
  • Create custom emails 
  • send usernames and password to coaches and team officials
  • see, in real time, the status of the background check

Coach and Team Official Risk Management instructions:

The Coach or team Official account allows you to:
  • Create your profile
  • Complete a background check
  • Review in real time the background check status

Coach Risk Management Instructiuons