Family Accounts

Family Accounts are accounts for families that will be registering more than one child through GotSoccer. From within the family account you will build your individual player accounts and then register those player accounts with whatever club or clubs that you wish to play with who use GotSoccer to register their players. If you have only one child that you will be registering online, go to the INDIVIDUAL PLAYER SUPPORT page via the link to the left and watch the video on how to register your individual player online. You do not need a family account for one player, you can always create a family account at a later date when you have more than one child to register online and can import any existing player accounts into your family account. 

If clubs have a Family Discount option, players will only get it if they are registered through a Family account. If you have created a Family account outside of the registration form (ie: you have gone to and clicked on Family Accounts and created a family account) you will need to go to your clubs website or contact your club to get the player registration link. Once you have located the registration link there will be an option to login to your family account to complete the registration from the first page of the form. You will need to login to your family account via the registration link to register through the family account and receive any discounts. 

We have created a new Family Account Manual. Please download it and keep it handy as it will answer most of your questions. If you need any assistance after reading this manual, please contact your club.