Risk Management

To submit a report, login to your coach, manager or referee account and click on BACKGROUND CHECKS in the blue menu bar. If this is your first time submitting  background check on any account click the SUBMIT REPORT button. 

Then enter in your contact information and SS# if required. You will also need to answer all the Background Information Disclosures and check the I AGREE button and then click the green SUBMIT button. 

If you have already submitted a RM report under another account (IE: you are a coach and a referee) and have been approved, you do not need to re-submit another report. Just login to the account that has not been approved yet and click the CHECK REPORT button and the system will search the database for your report and attach it to your account. This will only work if EVERYTHING matches. So for example, if your name is William and you create an account with the name Will and submit your report and then create another account under the name William, the system will not be able to locate the other account because the names are different. Each account must have the same contact information