Emailing Players

In the free GotSoccer account we provide you with a limited version of our email system the only way you can email players is if they are rostered to a team. If you have players that are not currently on a team but you want them to be included in emails we suggest you create a dummy team account to place all your non-rostered players on so that you can email them. There is no way to email an individual player in the free account. 

To email players click on the CLUB tab and then on TEAMS in the blue menu bar. Then select the team you want to email by checking the box next to their name. To email all teams on the page, check the CHECK BOX column heading to select everyone at once. Then click the EMAIL SELECTED TEAMS button.


Once on the email screen, unselect TEAM MANAGERS (unless you want to include them in the email) and select TEAM ROSTERS. Below are the different settings available to you:

  • BULLETIN - Sends out one message to each unique email address. So if you have a family of three and you choose BULLETIN from the the SELECT BROADCAST TYPE box, it will only send out one email to the whole family if they all have the same email address. 
  • PERSONALIZED - Sends out a unique email to each player on the roster and includes their username and password at the bottom of the email. 
  • PLAIN TEXT - Sends your message out in plain text and does not allow pictures or attachements. 
  • HTML - Opens the HTML Editor window which allows you to upload images and documents to attach to emails. It also allows you to change your message font and color and add a personal touch to the emails. 

Once you have made your selection click the APPLY FILTERS button under the list of teams at the bottom of the page. 

Once you click the APPLY FILTERS button a message window will open up, depending on your settings it may look different. Type your message in the box below, change any to and from addresses and once you are ready click the SEND button. For information on how to add attachements, please click HERE