Master Account Information

When setting up your account we recommend that only one person be the master account holder. The master account holder can do EVERYTHING in the account. This is typically the person who will be doing the most day to day work in the account. ONLY the master account holder can:

  • Change the master password and contact information
  • Check the Security Logs
  • Input & Edit the Merchant Account information

We say "security starts at home" so do not give out the master account information to someone who might not know what they are doing. 

To change the master account information click on the HOME tab and then on ACCOUNT INFO in the grey menu bar and under CONTACT INFO you can change the master account contact information. 

If you use GotSoccer for Online Player Registration, the EMAIL ADDRESS on file will be the one that all new registration email notifications will be sent to. If the person on file does not want to receive this information, you will need to put a different email address in here. Some clubs will setup a free email address account and have the emails redirected to the correct person based on their subject matter.