Secondary Players

Under the REGISTRAR tab click on the number in the TEAMS column of the REGISTRATION EVENT that you want to work with.  

Then click the APPLY FILTERS link to show your list of teams. 

Click on the TEAM NAME to open the ROSTER & ID CARDS tab.

Your roster must first be GENERATED before you can place secondary players on a team. If it is not GENERATED, please click here to learn how to do so.

With your roster GENERATED, click the + next to SEARCH FOR SECONDARY PLAYERS above the roster of players. 

Then search for the player in question. 


Some states require that you know the players ID number to be able to search for them. 
Make sure you choose the PLAYERS age from the drop down menu and not the team age.

Once you have located the player in question, click on the ADD button. 

You will then see them added to the roster with a silver S. This means they are secondary to this team. To make a secondary player primary on the current team and secondary on their other team, click the two arrows on the S this will switch their primary and secondary teams.