Risk Management

For those coaches and managers whose States use GotSoccer, you will be required to fill out a Risk Management Report before you can be assigned to a team. A coach account and a Manager account are two separate accounts. If you are going to be both coach and manager you will need to create two accounts. Below are steps on how to fill out your RM report. These steps will also walk you through the process of linking up an approved coach or manager account to an unapproved account. 

IMPORTANT - if you are going to have two accounts that have to be cleared for Background Checks you MUST make sure that all information is the same. So for example, if your coach profile has you listed as Will and your manager profile has you listed as William the system will not recognize that the two accounts are the same person. So if you will be both a manager and a coach and will need two accounts approved by Background Checks you will need to make sure that your name and DOB are EXACTLY the same in both accounts, otherwise you will have to fill out and pay (if your state requires you to pay) for two reports. 

NOTE - If the buttons below do not appear you are not properly attached to the state. You will need to contact your club and make sure you are a part of their account or you will need to contact the state and see if they can import you so that you can be activated for RM. If you have gone to the GotSoccer home page and created a coach or manager account you are NOT properly attached to your state. If your state uses GotSoccer your account MUST be created within a club account or within the state account. 

To fill out a report login to your coach or manager account and click on BACKGROUND CHECKS in the grey menu bar. Then click the SUBMIT NEW REPORT button and fill out all the information needed. If you have no hits on your record you will be approved within 15 minutes. If for any reason your accounts has a flag on it the state will have to review your report and manually approve you. If it has been more than 24 hours and you are still not approved please contact your state office (NOTE: Illinois coaches and managers need to contact their club). 

Once you have been approved you will then need to link up any other accounts (ie a manager account) to your approved report. To do this login to your unapproved account and click on BACKGROUND CHECKS in the grey menu bar. Then click on the CHECK REPORTS button. Remember that your information must match for the system to find the correct report and link it up.