Creating Billing Accounts and Invoices 

These steps are for clubs who have manually enrolled a player into a program or need to add additional invoices to a players registration. If the player has registered online then they already have a billing account so navigate to their registration page and follow the steps after creating a billing account. 

Once you have enrolled the player into the program you will want to navigate to their PROGRAM REGISTRATION page. This is where you will create the accounts. On the registration page click the CREATE BILLING ACCOUNT button. 

Now that you have created the billing account for the program, click the ADD INVOICE link. 

Create your invoice, your required to put in a DESCRIPTIONINVOICE AMOUNT and DUE DATE. The AUTOMATIC CHARGE check box is for accounts that will be paid by Credit Card or E-Check. If you are manually creating the billing accounts you will have to ask the parents to go in and enter in their CC or E-Check information for the system to charge them on the date entered. You will also be able to manually charge their card or e-check once they have entered in their information. 

Once you have created the invoice click the SAVE INVOICE button. 

To create another invoice click on the INVOICES & PAYMENTS tab to refresh the page. 

Then click the CREATE INVOICE button and fill in the information. Repeat these steps for each monthly payment or additional invoice you want posted to their account.

If you have already received payment for this invoice you can post the payment from under this tab. Click on the ENTER PAYMENT RECIEPT button. 


If need be, choose the invoice that the payment needs to be applied to from the INVOICE drop down menu. Enter the AMOUNT REC'D and the DATE REC'D and if the check has cleared or you were given cash make sure to check the PROCESSED check box to indicate that you have received payment. Fill out any other information and click the SAVE PAYMENT button. 

Parents Paying by Credit Card or E-Check

If a parent is going to be paying by credit card or e-check, you will need to follow the steps above to create the billing account and invoices. Once you have done so click on the ACCOUNT SETUP tab. 

Then from the PAYMENT METHOD drop down menu choose CREDIT/CHARGE or ECHECK and click the UPDATE ACCOUNT button at the bottom of the page. Once the parent have entered in their CC or E-Check information you will be able to either manually charge their account or have the system auto charge on the specified date.

If you have the parents CC or e-Check information you can enter it into their account yourself. 

Once you have collected the parents payment information by either entering it yourself or having them login to their player/family account and enter in the information you can manually charge their card. To do so click on the INVOICES & PAYMENTS tab and then on the INVOICE ID NUMBER button. 

Then click the green CHARGE CARD button. If this button is not here you either do not have the account set to CREDIT/CHARGE or ECHECK or you do not have complete CC/Echeck information.