Posting Payments - Check/Cash/MO

When you received a check, money order or cash for a players registration fee you will need to post it to their account for your billing to balance out.

Posting from BILLING

Click on the HOME tab and then on INVOICES in the grey menu bar. Search for the player in question and click on the INVOICE # for the payment you have received. 

Click the ENTER PAYMENT button.

Make sure the correct INVOICE is selected from the drop down menu and enter in the AMOUNT REC'D and the DATE REC'D if different from the current date. Enter in any other information you would like to recored. 

Then make sure you click the PROCESSED check box. This box indicates that you have received the payment and that in the case of a Check or M/O, it has cleared and you have received payment. If you do not check this box it will show the payment as PENDING in the system. 

Then click the SAVE PAYMENT button. 

Once you have saved the invoice it will show as paid and the account in good standing or if they have additional payments it will show the amount remaining on the account. If you need to edit the payment or the invoice click back on the INVOICE # and make your changes and SAVE the invoice. 


Under PROGRAM REGISTRATIONS click on the SHOW FILTERS link next to the program you want to work with. 

Then check the SHOW PAYMENT TOTALS check box and choose CHECK/MO from the PMT METHOD drop down menu. 

Two more columns will appear in your player list below. Click on the NUMBER in the INVOICED column 

TIP: If you are posting multiple payments hold down your CONTROL key (PC) or your COMMAND key (MAC) and then click on the number in the invoiced column to open the player's billing account in another window. There you can work and then close the window and go back to your save search setting on the PROGRAM REGISTRATIONS screen and work with the next player.

This will bring you to the INVOICES & PAYMENTS tab. Click on the ENTER PAYMENT button and follow the steps above to post your payment. Once you have posted the payment the number in the PAID column of your PROGRAM REGISTRATIONS page will show the amount paid and if paid in full the number will be green.