Changing Player Payment Information

Sometimes players will register and choose to pay by paper check (if you allow it) and will then want any future payments put on their CC. They can add their CC or ECheck information at any time after the registration but for the player account to charge future payments to the parents CC or Echeck the club must adjust the players billing account. 

Click on the HOME tab and then on BILLING in the blue menu bar. Search for the player account in question and click on their ACCOUNT NUMBER to open their billing account. 

Then choose CREDIT/CHARGE or ECHECK from the PAYMENT METHOD drop down menu. Then click the UPDATE ACCOUNT button at the bottom of the page. 

If the player has multiple future monthly payments and you want them all to be automatically charged to the CC or E-check entered in the account click the INVOICES & PAYMENTS tab and then click on the INVOICE ID NUMBER.

Then check the AUTO CHARGE button and change the due date if needed and click the SAVE INVOICE button. 

Once saved their card or check will be charged on the date indicated. If you have additional invoices to turn auto charge on for click in the INVOICES & PAYMENTS tab to refresh your page and then follow the steps above to activate the next invoice.