Creating a Registration Event

Click on the REGISTRAR tab and then on TEAMS in the blue menu bar and then on REGISTRATION EVENTS in the grey menu bar and then on the NEW REGISTRATION EVENT link. 

Fill out the information:

  • DATES - Your event dates MUST be 8/1 - 7/31 of the following year for your teams and rosters to be correct.
  • SEASON - Select the seasonal year
  • ENABLE CLUB REGISTRAR ACCESS - If clubs outside your association will be registering teams with you and those registrars are to have access to their teams official rosters from their registrar tab, then you will need to give them access by selecting this option. If you are the only one printing official rosters and ID cards or this is an in-house event DO NOT select this.  
  • REPORT REGISTRATIONS TO STATE-  If this event will register teams outside of your club or association that you will need to report to the state for billing then you will need to select this option. If it will only be your clubs teams in this event then you do not need to check this box. 
  • OPEN REGISTRATION FORM - Again if you are registering teams OUTSIDE of your club then you will need to open the registration form, if only your teams will be in this event you do not want to open it. You will manually place your teams into this event from under the CLUB tab.
  • REQUIRE TEAM TO SELECT CLUB - If you will be registering outside teams and your application is open and you want teams to select what club they are with you will want to check this box.
  • ALLOW ONLY IN-STATE CLUB ASSOCIATED TEAMS TO APPLY- If you are accepting outside team registrations and you DO NOT want out of state teams you will check this box.
  • ODP ROSTERS- if this is an ODP event you need to print ODP rosters check this box.  

Once you have clicked the SAVE button you will see more tabs appear across the top. 

NOTE: If this event is for your clubs IN-HOUSE teams and you will not be registering outside teams then you are done creating your event and can now move onto entering your teams into the event and then carding and rostering. Please look for those links to the left. If you are registering outside teams and will be collecting payment, please continue with these instructions.

Registration Fees Tab:

Create the fee group by entering in the Group/Name, Fee amount, checking the box to make is AVAILABLE on the application and entering in an order number (what order it will be listed on the application). 

Make sure to setup your PAYMENT options by checking the appropriate boxes. The money will be processed through the merchant account that you have setup for your club. 

Form Appearance Tab:

If your application will be open to the public you can add your logo and change the colors just like you can for programs under the CLUB tab. If you have a template under the WEBSITE tab you can apply it here. 

Form Fields Tab:

If you want to setup questions that you would like your registering teams to answer you will build them here just like you do for any online registration program.

Additional Items Tab:

If you want to sell anything through your application you can build these items under this tab. To begin click on the ADD ITEM button. 

  • AVAILABILITY - If your Item is gender and age specific set that up here. 
  • ITEM NAME - give your item a name
  • LIST PRIORITY - What order will it be listed on the application.
  • UNIT TYPE - If you are setting something up that a team can order multiple options of (ie ordering shirts for everyone on the team) then first you will setup wether the item will be deemed INDIVIDUAL or a GROUP item. So for example if the team is going to order shirts but each team roster size differs then you put EACH in the UNIT TYPE box and the team will put in the number of items they want and will be billed per item. 
  • UNIT PRICE - how much is the item
  • LIMIT PER TEAM - If there is a limit to how much they can order put the number here. 
  • MINIMUM ORDER - If they are going to make an order and they are forced to order at least a certain amount, put the minimum number of orders allowed in this box. 
  • STOCK FOR THIS ITEM - If there are only a limited number of Items for this product put that in the box here and when you run out the team registering will be notified. 

When you are done click the SAVE button.