Registering an Individual Player

The below video will walk you through how to register an INDIVIDUAL PLAYER online with your club. This information is only for users whose clubs use our software to register. The link for your clubs registration will be found on your clubs website. You will NOT find the link on GotSoccer.  


When you register you will have the option to create a new player account or login to an existing player account. If you go to create a new player account and the system tells you that one already exists, you have two options:

1. Login to your existing player account by clicking the LOGIN button. If you do not know your players username and password you can have it emailed to you by clicking the PASSWORD LOOKUP link. 

2. If you do not know the login for your players account then check the box I DO NOT YET HAVE AN ACCOUNT check box and then click the CREATE ACCOUNT button. 

For more information on how to register online please watch the Player Registration Video below or review the Player Registration instructions below the video. 

Registering an Individual Player

Once you have created your account or logged into your existing account you will be brought to the first registration page. This is where you will fill out all contact information for the player.

  • Depending on what your club has setup, you might have to fill out school information which will be found in the PLAYER LOGIN box. 
  • If you were given a VOUCHER number you will enter the code in the PAYMENT VOUCHER # box. 
  • You will need to fill out all contact information for the player except MOBILE NUMBER unless you want to receive text messages from your club in which case you can put your own number and carrier in place or your child's number and carrier. 

Once you have filled out the player information, you will be required to fill out all the contact information for at least ONE parent. By clicking on the COPY FROM PLAYER INFO button, you can copy over the Address information from the player profile above.

You can fill in PARENT 2 information if you like. 

If your club has any club registration specific question, they will be listed under the PARENT 2 contact information box. If any are required there will be a red asterisk next to it. Make sure to read each question thoroughly. If you make any mistakes you will have to contact the club for them to make the change. Once you have answered the question, if your child is under the age of 13 you will need to check the PLEASE SIGN BELOW AND CONTINUE check box. If your player is over the age of 13 you will still need to check a box but it will not list the below message. 

If your club requires EMERGENCY CONTACT information you will then be brought to this page. You must fill out TWO emergency contacts as well as any Medical Insurance information. If you do not have medical insurance put NONE in the boxes. We strong suggest putting in as much information as possible such as medications that your child might be allergic to in case you are not available to tell emergency personel. 

Click the CONTINUE button to move on in the application. 

You will then be brought to the PAYMENT page. If you have multiple registrations fees you will be required to choose ONE option.

Once you have chosen your payment option your club may have setup additional fees, discounts or options for you to volunteer for or purchase. These will be listed below your registration fees. You can choose as many of these options as you like by checking the box next to their name. 

  • If there is an item for purchase and your club has given you the option to order more than one item there will be a OTY: box to the right where you can enter the number of items you want to order. 
  • If your club offers family discounts and you are registering through a family account these discounts will automatically appear on your registration form and will already be selected for you. DO NOT unselect or you will not receive the discount.
  • If your club offers Volunteers roles they will be listed here as well. 

Once you have made your selection click the CONTINUE button. 


This will bring you to the check out screen. You will be given a summary of what you are paying for today.

Then choose your payment type. Depending on what your club offers you will have a selection or will be forced to pay by the method they have selected. Choose your option by selecting the RADIO BUTTON next to the payment type and if need be fill in payment information. 

Finally, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and check the I AGREE box and type in your full name in the ENTER YOUR FULL NAME box. Here you are agreeing to your clubs rules so we suggest you read the language carefully before agreeing as this is a legal binding document and can be used by the club in any lawsuits pursued by you. 

Once you have checked the box click the FINISH & SUBMIT APPLICATION button. Your registration is not complete until you have clicked this button. 

Once you have registered your child you will be brought to the final page where you can download any forms that your state or club requires of you. If your club has setup a MEDICAL RELEASE FORM you will download that form by clicking on the PRINTABLE REGISTRATION FORM link. 

You can go back to your player or family account by clicking on the CLICK HERE link under the Family or Player account box.