Releasing Players from a Team

Releasing ALL Players from their Team in Mass

Under  PROGRAM REGISTRATIONS set your page size to accommodate everyone in your selected program on one page (or as much as the system will allow). Then select all your players at once by checking the CHECK BOX column heading. Then choose (NONE) from the ASSIGN drop down menu and click the ASSIGN button. This will assign all marked players to no team which is releasing them from their current roster. 

Releasing an individual Player from their Team

To remove an individual player from a roster, follow the steps above but check the individual player account by selecting the CHECK BOX next to their name and then making sure (NONE) is selected from the drop down menu and then click the ASSIGN button to remove the selected player from their current roster. This does NOT remove them from the club account. 

Another option is to use the RELEASE button. Again you will select all the players by checking the CHECK BOX column heading or the individual player by selecting the CHECK BOX next to their name and then clicking the RELEASE button.

Releasing Players from the Team Builder

Click on the TEAM BUILDER link from under PROGRAM REGISTRATIONS 

To remove the players from their team in MASS click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the team account. 

To remove the individual player click the X next to the players name.