Creating Individual Player Accounts

  • To create an individual player account, click on the CLUB/HOME ASSOCIATION tab and then on PLAYERS in the blue menu bar. Once on the Manage Players screen click on the CREATE PLAYER PROFILE link at the top of the search filters box.

  • Once on the player profile page make sure to fill out as much information as possible. It is very important you include an email address for the player. If the player/parent ever forgets their login information they can retrieve it through their email. This is also how they will get their login information once you click the SAVE button.

Preparing an Excel Spreadsheet for Import

Before we begin to import a player list, we must discuss the requirements of the actual player file.

The excel file must be converted to CSV format. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. Each field, column if you are used to excel, starts with a comma ad ends with a comma. There are other types of delimited files including Tab, I-Beam and Quote. The good news is excel does it all for you. Just:

  • Open an excel file 
  • Click SAVE AS from the file menu 
  • You see a drop down or list of formats 
  • Select CSV (Comma Delimited) 
  • Press SAVE 

Before you upload you will probably want to clean up the data in the spreadsheet. We Suggest:


  • Sort the data by last name, first name, and birthday/ Look for duplicate players. Delete as many as you can.
  • Make sure the columns are formatted for our database
  • Birth date should be in mm/dd/yy format 
  • The player name is in two fields; first and last name 
  • The parents name MUST be in ONE field. If your data has two fields, use the concatenate function as- suming the parents first and last names are in cells B6 and B7, insert a column and use the formula =Concatenate(B6,””,B7) the new cell would return the full name with a space between the first and last name. 
  • The player gender cannot be Coed. It must be boy, girl, male, female, m, f, or b, g.
  • Save the file as a CSV
  • We strongly recommend you create another CSV test file with just a few player records (rows). This will allow you to check the imported players and teams to insure they were imported as desired without cre- ating a significant number of duplicate player records.


  • Our system can also place the players one a team. The Process requires that both the player and the team be imported at the same time. You cannot upload players then upload teams. The player’s team information must be in the same row as the player information. The process requires the following:

  • Team Name 
  • Team Gender; it may be coed or c. This cannot be combined with the team age. 
  • Team Age group (U10 not U10B)

  • You may designate the team as recreational or competitive by creating a column with Comp or Rec as the designation. This is not required.

Uploading into Gotsoccer

The Gotsoccer database is organized in a precise fashion. Each player has their own record. Events, team, and program history are attached to the player profile. If an email address or phone number changes for the player, it will change for all programs, including those have expired. The past programs can be used for email marketing purposes.

  • Make sure you are in the Club section of our software and click on PLAYERS in the blue menu bar and UPLOAD PLAYERS on the grey menu bar.

  • This brings you to the Import page. Click on the CHOOSE FILE button. Browse through your files to the CSV and click OPEN.

  • There are a few FORMAT OPTIONS. If you are using Excel and saved the file as a CSV file, you won’t need to use these options.

  • If your file is formatted with quote marks or other delimiter, choose the appropriate options. 
  • You can omit the header row. This will eliminate the first row of your file. Sometimes it is better to leave this row in the file, as matching your file column headings with ours is easier. The only drawback to leaving your column headings in our system will create a player using the header rows. It is easy to find this player, search for your column heading that marks the players last name, and delete the account.

  • Click CHOOSE FILE. Browse through your files to the CSV and click UPLOAD.

  • The system will load the file in preparation for importation, You will see three options above the players list.

    • TEAMS creates teams and place players on the assigned team. See Preparing and Excel Spreadsheet for Import for rules as to how to set up excel document.
    • FAMILIES creates family accounts by grouping the players with the same last name plus home phone or address or zip code. Players with different last names can be added to the family account after this process is complete. See our Family Account help section.
    • EMAIL NOTIFICATION emails players their username and password. If you have the club extended version of our software you can email user names and passwords at any time. If you have the free ac- count, this is the only opportunity to send an email to using our mailer.

  • Select the options you want to use for the upload. Only the first 10 rows will be visible on the upload screen.

  • At the top of each column on your file will be a drop down menu of our matching fields. In the databases each record must have the same exact name. Simply match your column heading to ours. In the example below we have matched a few of the columns. If you have a column you do not want to import or there are no corresponding fields on our drop down list, select DO NOT IMPORT.

  • If the column for Last Name in the uploaded CSV file is called PLAYER LAST NAME the corresponding name from our drop down list is LAST NAME. 
  • Notice we did not import the blank column. 
  • Certain of our fields are marked with an * this designates a required field. For players, we require a Last Name, First Name and Gender. Be aware, if you upload just the minimum information we will not be able to assign an age to the player and will not be able to contact then via email or provide other contact options.
  • If you want our system to create teams and place the player on the team you must include the Team Name, Age Group and Team Gender in each player row. If the information is not there for all players, those without teams will still be imported, but not assigned to a team.

  • Click IMPORT DATA at the bottom left of the screen. (If you need to edit your document before uploading, click UPLOAD ANOTHER FILE to clear out the one you have on your screen).

  • The next screen reports the action of the import.

  • In this example we imported 17 players and placed them on a boys U11 team called UNITED. The file also contained players for a Girls U11 team called the POWER. The system placed 10 players on the UNITED and 7 players on the POWER.
  • You can find the list of players and the teams they are on by click on PLAYERS in the blue menu bar and MANAGE PLAYERS in the grey menu bar.

  • You can also EXPORT out your list of players to a CSV or XLS file. Just click one of the two links above the Search Filters box and the document will be downloaded to your computer. NOTE - for those of you in states that use Logical Solutions, the CSV file can be uploaded directly into that software.