Creating Sub-Users

You are going to want to decide who has permission to access this account and how much access they can have. These users are called Sub-Users in our system. Sub-users are NOT coaches and managers, those accounts are created separately in a different part of the account. DO NOT create sub-user accounts for coaches and managers unless they also hold a working position in the state office.

To create a sub-user make sure you are under the HOME tab and click on USER ACCOUNTS in the grey menu bar. You will see your master account listed as the Director. In the upper right hand corner click on the CREATE CLUB OFFICIAL USER ACCOUNT link.

The only MANDATORY information that you need to create a sub-user account is:

  • User name (it will be the user name for the account/their first name) 
  • Create a Password 
  • PRIMARY ROLE - IMPORTANT: Registrars must be set as the REGISTRAR for them to have access to the Registrar tab. Anyone else who wants access to the Registrars tab must be set as a Registrar. If your position is not on this list, choose OTHER. For ODP Coaches that need to evaluate their players you will set them up as a sub-user and set their primary role to SCOUT. You will also need to give them access to the STATE and CLUB tabs. 
  • ACCESS LEVEL - This is very important. Our motto at GotSoccer is “security starts at home”. Don’t give Full Access to anyone who is not supposed to be in the account making any changes because Full Access in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. The Access levels are:

    • Full Access - They can do everything in the account except access the merchant information (only accessed by the Director) and change Sub-User information, they can however see other sub-user accounts. This is a dangerous level to give to just anyone as they can delete entire events. GotSoccer's motto is that "Security starts at home" so don't give the master information or full access to just any one at your club. 
    • Basic Access - The user can do some work in the system such as locate user name and passwords for coaches, managers and players as well as edit some of their information. However, the user is limited from most editing and has no access to the club's merchant account information or other Sub-User accounts. They also cannot create and delete accounts so someone with FULL ACCESS or the master account holder will need to create all team and any player and coach accounts before the BASIC ACCESS users can go in and work with the information.
    • Limited Access - This is a read only access and is best for Board Members who only really intend to view the information. These users have NO access to billing and Sub-user accounts.

  • User Tabs - Here you can restrict what tabs you want the user to have access too. For example, if you have a treasurer who will only be accessing the billing information you would set them to FULL ACCESS and then only check the box next to BILLING. When they login to their account the only tab available to them will be the HOME tab where the billing is located. If you want them to be able to access the online registration applications then you will need to select the CLUB check box and the EXTENDED check box along with BILLING. Anyone who is to have access to review Risk Management/Background checks will need to have the STATE tab selected as well as the RISK MANAGEMENT check box.

  • If you have a league director who has nothing to do with player registration or carding and rostering but only runs your leagues (in-house or otherwise) then you will give them FULL ACCESS and only check the box next to the green LEAGUE tab.

  • If you have a registrar that will be doing the carding and rostering, they will need to have access to both the REGISTRAR tab and the CLUB tab. However, if they will have nothing to do with the online registration program then you would set them up with the CLUB and REGISTRAR tab but not the EXTENDED button. The EXTENDED button refers to the online registration portion of our software. For registrars and assistant registrars to see the tab you MUST also list them as either REGISTRAR or ASST. REGISTRAR. 

  • Full Name 
  • State 
  • Email Address 
  • Click the SAVE button

  • Once you click the SAVE button (if you have already created a league or have used us for a tournament) any events you may have in your account will show up along the right hand side of the screen. You can create even more restrictions for the user. For example, if you have two league directors who each run their own league through your account and you do not want either of them viewing the other person’s league you can allow them access to only their league. You can even go as far as to allow access to only certain ages within a league or tournament.

  • To create access to a league or tournament for a sub-user, choose the event from the ACCESS FOR SCHEDULING & SEEDING TASKS drop down menu, once you have selected it click the ADD button.

  • Once you have added the event our system will automatically set the age group access to Select Groups, meaning you have to choose the individual age groups that you want them to have access too. To give them full access to all age groups click the ALL GROUPS button and then click UPDATE. They will not have access to the event until a specific age or all groups is selected and the update button has been clicked.

  • You can also restrict access to the CLUB/HOME ASSOCIATION page based on player levels and age groups. Choose the GENDER and AGE GROUP from the drop down menus and click ADD. You will need to create one for each age group. Choosing COED from the drop down menu does not include both boys and girls accounts, it only applies to teams that are labeled COED so you will still need to setup the corresponding male and female age groups for your commissioners or whoever will see both the team accounts and the player accounts. If the setting reads “NONE CONFIGURED” and the user is set to FULL ACCESS they will have access to all ages groups and levels. If a user is set to BASIC ACCESS  you MUST setup age group access levels for them to have access to the data in the account. 
  • You can also restrict users to the level that they work with, such as COMPETITIVE or RECREATIONAL. To do this click the SELECT LEVELS radio button and then choose the level you want them to have access to and then click the UPDATE button.

  • Your sub-users can also upload a signature. If they are registrars or plan on holding any coach or referee certification courses and want their signature printed on the certificates that you can create in GotSoccer they will need to upload their signature. 
    • Sign a piece of paper and scan it into your computer
    • Crop the image as close to your signature as possible
    • Click on the SIGNATURE tab of their sub-user account and click the CHOOSE FILE button.

  • Then click the UPLOAD button. 

  • Once you have populated your list of sub-users click on USER ACCOUNTS in the grey menu bar and you will see a list of all sub-users in your account and the access they have been given.

Column Headings:

  • ROLE - This is the primary role that the user have been given.
  • FULL NAME - Users full name 
  • LISTED - Those who have NO next to their name are people that checked the “Do not Show to state as
  • club staff” check box when their account was setup.
  • USERNAME - Username given to sub-user. 
  • ACCESS - Listed the events that the user has been given access to.  
  • PERMISSIONS - Lists the access level that has been given to the user. 
  • R/M - (if you have the state tab in your account you will have this column) Stands for RISK MANAGEMENT and will read YES if they have been given access to review Risk
  • Management Background Checks. 
  • LAST LOGIN - This column displays the date and time that the user last logged into their account. 
  • ACTIVE - This column will read YES if the user has logged into their account and agreed to GotSoccer’s non-disclosure form. This column will read NO if they have not.
  • SIGNATURE - If they have a signature uploaded this column will let you know.