Placing Documents in Emails

Create your email settings. These steps are the same wether you are emailing coaches, managers, players or teams. Once you are on the MESSAGING screen select HTML from the SELECT MESSAGE FORMAT box and after choosing your other settings click the UP- DATE FILTERS (or APPLY FILTERS from the Team messaging section) button.

Then type your message. Once you have completed your message highlight the word(s) that you want to use to create the hyperlink. Typically people write something like “Click HERE to download the PDF”. So in this example I would highlight the word HERE, see ex- ample below:

With your text highlighted click on the HYPERLINK image.

Then click the FOLDER next to the SOURCE line.

Click the CHOOSE FILE button to locate the file on your desktop (this example is on a MAC, PC users may have slightly different wording). Once you have selected the file click the UPLOAD button.

Once the document has been uploaded it will appear in the window to the right. Once up- loaded it will always be stored there so you will never need to upload it again. You will follow the steps to get to this screen but instead of clicking the CHOOSE FILE button you will just select the document from the window to the right. Once you have selected the document by clicking on the NAME, the document path will appear in the window to the left. Once the path shows up you know the document has been properly selected so click the OK button to close this window.

Back in the HYPERLINK window just click the INSERT button twice and then click OK, don’t mess with any of the drop down buttons as the system will automatically complete the URL path.

You will now see that your highlighted text will have turned blue and will be underlined. Now anyone receiving the email will be able to download the document.