Merging Duplicate Accounts

Account tools is where you will merge duplicate player, coach and manager accounts. To get to account tools click on the CLUB/HOME ASSOCIATION tab and then on ACCOUNT TOOLS in the grey menu bar.

To merge player accounts, leave the settings to their default and click the GO button.

This will bring up a list of all of the duplicate player accounts who are affiliated with the state. To merge duplicate accounts into one, select the account to keep by clicking on the radio button in the green box col- umn. Put check marks in the boxes next to the accounts you want to eliminate. The contents of these will be merged into your green selected account. Please remember to look for memberships in the MEM column and keep those accounts if possible so player do not loose their paid memberships. Also look for accounts with photos attached as photos cannot be merged. You can optionally move the selected account to another team or club by selecting the radio button next to the team or club that the consolidated account should belong to.

You can select the merge settings for all the players on your page and then click the MERGE SELECTED but- ton at either the top or the bottom of the list.

The same steps are taken for Coach and Manager accounts. Make sure you check their DOB and address to verify that it is the same person. You can also consolidate Coach and Manager accounts directly from one of their accounts. This process is explained later in this manual.