Entering Teams into a League

If your teams play in a league that uses our system to register and schedule you will need to first join the league as a club so that they have access to any fields you may share with them and then you will place your teams into the league. These steps are for leagues who are allowing their clubs to mass enroll their teams, if you league does not allow this then each team will have to register with the league individually through the team account

If you run an in-house league you do not need to register with your own league so scroll down to the section on how to enroll teams into a league. 

Under the HOME tab click on EVENTS in the blue menu bar and then SEARCH in the grey menu bar.

Using the search filters up top you can search via state or by a specific event name, date range or event type. This is how you can register a team in your account with a tournament or league.

Once you find the event you want to register your team with, click on the NAME of the event.

Most events will want you to register as a club and then place your teams into the league from under your CLUB tab. You will need to check with them before applying. If they want you to register the team individually then you will choose the team from the LEAGUE TEAM APPLICATION drop down menu and then click the APPLY button. If they want you to register as a club first and then place your teams into the league you will click the APPLY NOW link.

Then click on the JOIN LEAGUE button.

Click the OK button.

Once you have joined the league and you are brought to the confirmation screen, click on the MANAGE CLUB link to go back to your club account.

Next, click on the CLUB tab then TEAMS on the blue menu bar.

Enrolling Teams into a League

You will see a Search Filters box that can be used to reduce the number of teams you’ll work with. If you have more than 25 teams, make sure the page size is set to a large size like Infinite. Next, select the league you want to enter teams into from the Enter Teams in a League or Training Program box and press SELECT.

The screen will now show a table containing all the teams not already entered into this league. To enter multiple teams at one time just click the CHECK at the top left of the table. A check mark will appear in front of all teams in the table. If there are any teams you want to exclude, just click the check box and the check will disappear and that team will not be entered.

Once you’ve selected the teams choose the appropriate fee group from the FEE GROUP drop down menu above your list of players (if your league is not using us for billing then there will be NO fee group drop down menu). Make sure you are entering the correct teams into the correct fee group. Once you have selected the fee group and teams, click the ENTER SELECTED TEAMS button.

A message will appear at the top of the page confirming the number of teams entered. If you selected all teams, no teams will appear in the table. Any teams that remain in the table were not entered in the league. Once you are done entering your teams into the league, click the CLEAR button and your teams will re-appear on the table below.