Team Builder

Click on TEAMS in the blue menu bar and then on TEAM BUILDER in the grey menu bar.

From this screen there are several things you need to know:

  • You can enter in a players position, just click on the box to the left of the players name in the POSITION column and choose the position from the drop down menu. Once you have made your selection and clicked somewhere else on the page the position will be saved to the players account automatically.

  • You can also edit the players position when they are rostered to a team by clicking on the box to the far right.

  • If a player is rostered to a team, you can quickly enter in their jersey numbers by clicking on the box to the left of their name on the roster.

  • Click outside the box to save the jersey number when you are done entering it in.

  • The column to the far left of the listed players tells you who is rostered and who is not. If a player has a blue R in the column, they are already rostered to a team. If they have a grey square they are not.

  • To release players from a team in mass click on the X in upper right corner of the team.

  • To release a specific player from a team click the X next to their name.

  • You can create a Team or Player account from this window by clicking on either the CREATE TEAM or CREATE PLAYER PROFILE link at the top of the page.

Manually placing players on a team

We suggest that if you have players that are to old or too young for the team that you manually add those players first and then auto roster the rest of your players, To manually place a player on a team, click on the player’s name (if you are a MAC user you must click on the circle next to their name) and with your mouse held down, drag the player over the team you want to place them on and release your mouse. There is no refresh so the add is instant.

Auto Roster Feature

Things to know about the Auto Roster feature:

  • If you choose a LEVEL then the players level must match for it to work. For example, if you choose Recre- ational and then click apply filters, it will only work with recreational players and teams whose levels are set to RECREATIONAL. If your players are set to INACTIVE or do not have a level, leave this drop down blank.

  • The team builder will not auto roster players that are too old or too young for the team, it will only roster players that are the age of the team. We suggest you manually drag and drop players that are younger than the team age first and then auto roster the rest of your player.

  • Any settings that you create you must click the APPLY SETTINGS button before clicking the AUTO ROSTER button.

How to Auto Roster

Create your settings using the drop down menus:

  • FULL TEAM SIZE - Will start with the first team and place the first 18 (or however many you indicate in the TEAM SIZE box) onto that team, then move onto the next 18 (they will be grouped based on your other settings).

  • EVENLY DISTRIBUTE - Will evenly distribute your players among the available teams based on your settings.

  • If you want to roster players onto a COED team, you must choose COED from the GENDER drop down menu.

  • Once you have created your settings and clicked the APPLY SETTINGS button. Click the AUTO ROSTER button.

  • A warning message will appear so you can verify your settings. If they are correct click the OK button.

If players are not rostered to the team, make sure to check their competitive level, the team’s competitive level, the players age and your GROUPING setting.