Club Extended

This is our ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM. This manual will answer most of your questions so please refer to these documents before contacting GotSoccer. You can also find parts of this manual broken up in the menu bar to the left under the CLUB EXTENDED option. Thanks!

Once you have read this manual if you have any further questions or need any assistance please contact our club support team at the main number below and then dial the extension of the person you want to reach (NOTE: Jared's number is separate):

Support Phone: 904-746-4446

David Chalstrom - ex.1734  

William Cameron - ex. 1727

Jared Hirshowitz - 904-521-6083


1. The manual above references CLUB/HOME ASSOCIATION. Depending on what state you are with your terminology might differ. You will either see a CLUB tab or a HOME ASSOCIATION tab and this is what this manual is referring to. However, you as a club have the ability to change the name of this tab so if someone at your club has done so, the CLUB/HOME ASSOCIATION tab is the light blue tab after the HOME or WEBSITE tab and before the REFEREES tab. 

2. COMPETITION LEVELS - In our system COMPETITION LEVEL refers to a player/coach/manager/team level. So if we refer to PLAYER LEVELS or TEAM LEVELS we are talking about their COMPETITION LEVEL.  These levels are set by your state (if they use our system). To see what your available competition levels are click on the CLUB/HOME ASSOCIATION tab and then on STATE REGISTRATION in the grey menu bar. They will be listed on the right hand side of the screen along with their prices. Another way to check them is to click on any PLAYER/COACH/TEAM OFFICIAL/TEAM link in the blue menu bar and then click on the drop down menu next to the ASSIGN button in the search filters box.