Referees & Assignors

Referees and Assignors. Please click on the links to the left for support information. A referee account is separate from an assignor account so if you are both an assignor and a referee you will need to have two accounts.

An assignor account is a Directors Account. To create an assignor account click on the USER LOGIN link above and then on ORGANIZATIONS and then on the REGISTER button and register your directors account. Once you have created this account follow the instructions under the ASSIGNOR link to the left to learn how to register with events, connect with referees or upload referees and much more. 

Click on the USER LOGIN link above and then on REFEREES and then on the REGISTER button to register your referee account. If your assignor has already created their directors account you may want to check with them first to see if they uploaded your information into their account. If they did they have already created a referee profile for you in which case you will want to get the login information from them. Your assignor will also have a specific referee registration link and may want you to register through that link to create your account. Once you have created your account please click on the link to the left to download the Referee Manual which will walk you through everything you need to know about the GotSoccer Referee account.