Teams, Coaches and Managers

Coaches & Managers whose State use GotSoccer:

You will be required to fill out a RM report to be able to be placed on a team. Please click on the Risk Management link to the left and follow the instructions on how to submit a report. 

Coaches & Managers whose Club uses GotSoccer to Register Players:

If your Club uses GotSoccer to register players they will most likely have a registration program for coaches and managers or will have you register as a volunteer to coach/manage and will then create an account for you from your child's registration page. If this is the case please visit your clubs website to find the link to register as a coach/manager or contact your club and ask how they plan on handeling these accounts.

If your club DOES NOT use GotSoccer to register it's players then we recommend that you create your Team Account first and then add your coach profile to the team account. For information please review the Team Account support to the left.