This page contains documents designed specifically for Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) members and affiliates.There are manuals for independent (at large) teams, direct member clubs, leagues, coaches and teams. Please read the brief outline below each title.

MYSA Independent Team Instruction Manual:

All MYSA independent and at large teams must now register directly with MYSA. This manual shows you how to create a team, add players, coaches, managers, explains the new KidSafe process, and how to registering the team with MYSA for official rosters and ID cards.

Download for the MYSA Independent Team Instruction Manual (7/1/09)

MYSA Direct Member Team Building and Registrar Manual

This should be used by MYSA direct member clubs who build teams and generate officail rosters and ID cards. If you are a League, an entity that provided official documents to other clubs, please use the MYSA League manual (available soon).

Download for the Direct Member Registration Instruction Manual (7/2/09) 

MYSA League Members Team Building and Registration Manual :

This should be used by clubs that register teams with a league like SLYSA, SCCYSA, CMI...
who build teams and rely on the league to generate officail rosters and ID cards.
Download for the League Member Registration Instruction Manual (7/1/09)

MYSA League Registrar Manual :

This should be used by MYSA leagues who generate officail rosters and ID cards for their member clubs. 

Download for the League Registrar Instruction Manual (7/2/09)

MYSA Team Handbook :

The handbook is design to help a team manager or coach understand all the functions they have acces to from the team account. this includes; emailin; applying to events; updating applications, eTravel and more.

Download for thne MYSA Team Handbook (7/2/09)

MYSA Risk Management for Coaches, Managers, and Team Officials Instructions: 

MYSA requires all adults 18 and older to undergo a criminal background check before being placed on a roster or, in the case of a referee, to officiate a game. This manul gives detailed instructions on how a coach, manager or team offical submits the KidSafe form to MYSA.

Download for the MYSA Risk Management (KidSafe) Instructions (7/1/09)

Club Extended Account:

The Club Extended account allows administrators to:
  • Online registration for players, coaches and officials
  • Upload or enter player data
  • create teams
  • add players to teams
  • Enter teams into leagues and tournaments
  • Create coach and team official accounts
  • Email players, coaches and officials

As the manual updates the additions will be posted below. For those of you who have already downloaded a previous version of the manual listed above you can download the additions below. 

Registrar Manual
Download the NEW registrar manual below.